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Homeschool Connections provides the venue and infrastructure for teachers to offer classes to homeschoolers.

Job Specifications

A teacher at Homeschool Connections is responsible for the following:

  • You will be asked to submit a Voluntary Disclosure Statement for a Washington State Patrol background check.
  • Establish a course of study for a class and select the curriculum to be used.
  • Set the tuition rate for a class.
  • Set and collect the copy/supply fee for a class, as needed.
  • Set the age range of a class.
  • Set the class size.
  • Provide your own equipment and supplies.
  • Provide any teacher assistants, as needed.
  • For middle school level classes, provide grades upon request of a parent.
  • For high school level classes, provide:
    1. an overview or description of the class objectives (syllabus)
    2. grading criteria
    3. grades and/or a written evaluation of the student’s performance at the end of each semester, in January and May

Operating Guidelines

Because we work with children, guidelines are in place to ensure safety, protection, and timely and effective communication for all participants.

  • Inform the Teacher Liaison of any substitute teachers ahead of time. The substitute teacher must wear a name tag which can be obtained at the Welcome Table.
  • Inform the Teacher Liaison of any teacher assistants.  A teacher assistant is any student or adult that is asked to help in class on a regular basis.  Any teacher assistant who is not a registered student with Homeschool Connections will be asked to submit a Voluntary Disclosure Statement for a Washington State Patrol background check.  He/she must be at least 18 years old or have a parent in charge while on campus.  Please request a permanent name tag for a teacher assistant from the Teacher Liaison.
  • Two adults must always be present in a class. Therefore, every class is assigned a facilitator who can also assist with administrative duties for the class.
  • Field trips are not endorsed, sponsored, nor sanctioned by Homeschool Connections. We do not carry liability insurance to cover activities outside of class nor transportation to or from any such activities. As an independent contractor, any event that takes place outside of Connections’ time or off-site of Connections’ facilities falls under the responsibility and liability of the teacher. An insurance company will be able to assist with liability concerns and coverage. In addition, it is the teacher’s responsibility to inform the class of these facts.
  • Tutoring for the exchange of money (payment) may not take place on campus.
  • Any changes to contact information, including email address, should be immediately relayed to Homeschool Connections. Contact information is used solely to communicate information directly related to Homeschool Connections.
  • Teachers are to check their mailbox folder on a weekly basis.

Homeschool Connections’ Responsibilities to Teachers

  • Homeschool Connections will provide each teacher a classroom and inform them of the classroom capacity. Requests for a change in room must be made through the Connections' board and are not guaranteed.
  • Enrollment in classes occurs solely through Homeschool Connections registration procedures.
  • Teachers will receive their first payment upon receipt of a signed Independent Contractor agreement. Subsequent payments will be on the 20th of the month from October - April.
  • Copy/supply fees will be distributed by June 1. Any additional fees will be mailed in July, on the first day of class, and thereafter when collected.

Classroom Policies

  • Start class on time.
  • Set the standard of behavior in the classroom. Parents are responsible to help uphold the standard. In case of a problem, please communicate with the parent. If additional assistance is needed, contact a board member.
  • Foods allowed for in-class events and parties: commercially prepared and packaged snacks, drinks, fruits and vegetables; non-packaged fruits such as bananas and oranges that are typically peeled just before eating. All items requiring refrigeration must be kept at the proper temperature until serving. Foods not allowed: food prepared at home, items that have not been kept at the proper temperature until serving, or anything containing nuts. Please provide hand sanitizer or require hand washing before serving food, use napkins or paper plates, and clean and vacuum the room before leaving.
  • End class on time. If it is necessary to end early, students must stay in the classroom until the end of the class hour to avoid overloading the hallways and study halls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change my tuition?

A: Tuition may not be raised once classes are published.

Q: How often do I collect copy/supply fees?

A: Copy/supply fees are collected either once a year or at the beginning of each semester.

Q: What if a student outside of the age range wants to take my class?

A: Age exceptions may be granted up to one year above or below the published age range. Consider the age range of the currently enrolled students and the social, emotional, and cognitive maturity of the student wishing an age exception. Age exceptions that exceed one year require board approval.

Q: Can a parent or student record my class?

A: Audio or video recording may not occur in class without permission of all parents of minor students and students over 18.  If you wish to allow a recording to occur in class on behalf of a student who will miss class, contact the Teacher Liaison for a Video, Audio and Photo Consent Release Form.  This form is a single date only use.

Q: What do I do if I forget a stapler for my class? Can I borrow one from the facility?

A: Our agreement with each facility is that we will not use their office staff or equipment, including copiers and consumables.

Q: What do I do if I need a TV/DVD player for my class?

A: If you need a TV/DVD unit on a regular basis, please note that in your proposal. We may or may not be able to accommodate this. For occasional use, make a request to the Connections Facility Coordinator. Occasional use will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q: How do I cancel a class?

A: Inform the class facilitator as soon as possible so that he/she can notify the students.

Q: What can a facilitator do for me?

A: The facilitator can:

  • communicate information to the class for you
  • collect copy/supply fees
  • help during class at your request

Q: If I teach a class this year, is it guaranteed that I will be able to teach next year?

A: No. The needs of our students change from year to year, and Homeschool Connections reserves the right to offer different classes each year that reflect that need.

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