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Substitute Parent Policy

Connections is a parent-run organization.  Therefore, a parent or legal guardian must always be present on-site.  If it becomes a hardship for a parent to be present on a consistent basis, he/she may apply for an exemption from being on-site, after the first two weeks of class, if the following criteria are met:

  • Student is 15 years or older.
  • Another Connections parent has agreed to be your Substitute Parent.
  • Both the parent and Substitute Parent have attended a Substitute Parent meeting.  Meetings are held in September and January.
  • An application has been submitted to the appropriate board member and approved.

A Substitute Parent must take full responsibility for:

  • The student(s)’ behavior and whereabouts.
  • The family job as well as their own.
  • Remaining on-site until the student(s) has left campus.
  • Only one family’s students at a time.

Substitute Parent Meeting

Anyone applying to have a Substitute Parent or anyone acting as a Substitute Parent must attend this meeting.  Meetings will be held the second week of classes in September on both Monday and Wednesday and again in January.  Notification will be sent out prior to the meetings.

New families must wait until January to attend a meeting, requiring a parent to be on-site from September until after the meeting in January.  An application cannot be approved until both the parent AND Substitute Parent have attended this meeting.

Please note, the privilege of having a Substitute Parent may be revoked if:

  • Parent, student, or Substitute Parent is abusing this privilege.
  • Your family job is not getting done.
  • The Substitute Parent leaves campus while your student(s) remains on campus.
  • Behavior of student(s) warrants greater supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I have to be on-site for the first two weeks of class?

A: Homeschool Connections mission is to provide classes and support to the local homeschool community.  You, as a homeschooling parent, are an essential component of your student’s education and our community.  It is important that you are present to understand your assigned job, observe, and be involved in what your student will be doing for the next nine months.

Q: Why do I have to attend a meeting?  I’ve read this page and understand what is going on.

A: We want to make sure that both those applying for a Substitute Parent or acting as a Substitute Parent fully understand the responsibilities and obligations of these roles.  Having a meeting gives us the chance to clearly share that information with you and answer questions from the community.

Q: Can a grandparent, adult sibling, nanny, etc. be a Substitute Parent?

A: No.  Only a Connection’s parent may act as a Substitute Parent.

Q: How does my job get done?

A: You, your student, or your Substitute Parent can complete your weekly job. Please be aware that not all jobs can be performed by a student, i.e. faciliator, hall monitor, etc.

Q: What if I want to start using a Substitute Parent in October?  Do I have to wait until January?

A: Please make your request known to the Board, so we can consider it.  It is possible that you will need to wait until January.

Q: What if my student gets sick or has a medical emergency?

A: We recommend that you give your Substitute Parent a medical release for your student(s).  This might include the same type of information you would leave with a babysitter including, but not limited to: health information, a copy of your medical insurance card, and a signed statement giving permission to take care of a student in case of a medical emergency.  We do not recommend keeping this confidential information in mailbox folders.

Substitute Parent Form

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