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Monday Playroom Rules
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  • You are responsible for making sure your child gets signed in each week by the facilitator.  Your child will be given a nametag, and you will be given a card to match.  In order to pick up your child from the playroom, you must present this card.  If your child has any food allergies, please indicate this on the Family Profile form. Children are not allowed in the hallways during class time.
  • You will be scheduled to work in the playroom on a rotating basis.  Our guideline is one adult for every six children.  Families with more than two children should expect to rotate more frequently than families with one or two children.  If you are unable to work on your assigned day, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.  If you are unable to reach anyone to assume your shift, please call the facilitator for each hour you will be absent.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class time on the days you are working so the people on the rotation from the hour before can leave.
  • It is a Connections’ requirement that there be a minimum of two adults in the room at all times.  Find someone to fill in if you must step out for even a few minutes.
  • On a rotating basis, you will be responsible for an activity or snack.  The activity person brings an activity appropriate to the ages of the children.  A list of suggested activities is available.  The snack person provides a simple, packaged snack taking food allergies into consideration.  Familiarize yourself with the Connections' Food Policy.  Snacks will be served during the 2nd and 5th hours.  Food must be eaten at the tables.  
  • All workers are to be attentive to the needs of the children throughout the entire hour.
  • A one-time supply fee will be collected at the beginning of the year.  Nametags, crayons, first aid supplies, napkins, cups, pinnies, etc. (see supplies list) will be provided from this fee.  Snacks will be purchased from the fee for the first two weeks of class.  After that, you will be expected to bring a snack if you are assigned to do so.
  • Several times throughout the year, the playroom will be practicing “Duck & Cover” exercises to help prepare the playroom for possible emergencies.  Instructions will be on a brightly colored page in the sign-in book.
  • Do not use any consumable materials found in the room (i.e. paper, glue, crayons, etc.).  Use only those items found in the playroom supply boxes.
  • Please do not bring your child to playroom if he or she is ill.
  • Hand washing is suggested at the beginning of each hour, after bathroom use, and before/after snack time.
  • For the child’s comfort, we will come and get you if your child needs changing.  Please change your child’s diaper on a changing table, not on the floor.  Used diapers and wipes must be taken home.  Do not leave them in any garbage container at the church.
  • Disinfectant is provided to clean surfaces such as the tables, diaper change area, and toys.
  • Please leave the room neat and clean.  Check carefully that you have taken everything home with you, including coats, diaper bags, crafts, bottles, leftover snacks and the activities you have provided.

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