Homeschool Connections
Registration through Facilitators

  Apply to register -- fill out the form below

  • You will receive a list of facilitators on August 15 or thereafter. 
  • You may contact the facilitator for each class of interest.  If you contact a facilitator before 9am on August 15, you will NOT be added to a class.
  • If you are put on a wait list, you will be contacted by a facilitator if an opening becomes available.  Inform the facilitator if your contact information changes, especially if you leave home for a week or more.  If a facilitator cannot get in touch with you, your spot will open up to the next student on the wait list.

  Your spot is not secured until you payment is received, so if your student gets into at least one class:

  • Submit a Registration Contract with a check to cover registration and tuition fees payable to Homeschool Connections.
  • Include copy/supply fee checks payable to the teacher.  If you get into several classes, plan to write several checks.  Copy/supply fee checks should be written per class unless you make arrangements with the teachers and facilitators to do otherwise writing one check per teacher. 

  If you want additional classes after you have registered, contact a facilitator and use an Add/Drop form.  If you add a day, pay the additional registration fee.

Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

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