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Every week we turn Sunday school rooms into classrooms and back again while attempting to leave the church in better condition than when we arrived. Many hands make light work, so each family is assigned at least one job for each day they attend Homeschool Connections. You will be assigned a job and notified through email before classes start.

When you register, we ask you to specify any job preferences and physical constraints or limitations.  Some jobs can be done by your responsible student; some need to be done by the parent.  If you need to be absent, YOU must find a replacement.

This is not a complete list of jobs, but these brief descriptions will give you an idea of what types of jobs we assign.

Set up room Move tables and chairs to set up a classroom.  Arrive 15 minutes before the class starts.
Restore room Move tables and chairs, tidy the room (you may need to vacuum), and get it ready for the church’s use.  You may need to stay 10-15 minutes after your last class.
Hall Monitor Monitor halls, bathrooms, and stairways for stray students during one class period.
Empty trash Empty common area trash cans, and take the trash out to the dumpster.
Open Study Hall Facilitator Supervise students in Open Study Hall for one class period.  Manage the attendance sheet.
Quiet Study Hall Facilitator Supervise students in Quiet Study Hall for one class period.  Manage the attendance sheet.
Check bathrooms Refill toilet paper and paper towels as needed.  Wipe down counters if wet or dirty.  Unclog and flush toilets as necessary.

Homeschool Connections would not run without the participation of the entire community.  From being a facilitator to emptying the trash, every job is vitally important.  Thank you for helping make Connections a reality and a blessing by faithfully completing your job(s).

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