Homeschool Connections
Fees Policy

Unless otherwise stated, fees are payable to Homeschool Connections and are non-refundable and not prorated.

Registration Fee

  • $125 per family for participation on Mondays or Wednesdays; $250 for participation on both days
  • If your only Wednesday class is Beginning Band, you need not pay for the additional day.
  • Due upon registration when you submit your Registration Contract

Tuition Fees

  • 4 payments per year:
    1. Due at registration
    2. October 3, 2018
    3. November 28, 2018
    4. February 6, 2019
  • Payments are prorated if registering after classes have started.
  • No reimbursement is given if a teacher misses a class.
  • Tuition paid in advance is non-refundable.
  • A completed Add/Drop Form and drop fee must be given to the facilitator on or before the tuition due date to be released from that tuition payment.

Copy/Supply Fees

  • Payable to the teacher
  • Due at registration
  • Second semester fees due by January 16, 2019

Late Fees

  • $20 will be assessed for payments received after 3pm of the date due.

Drop Fees

  • $35 per student, per class dropped on July 1 and thereafter
  • When you drop, your student is immediately removed from the class roster and may no longer attend class.
  • Students will not receive physical copies or supplies for dropped classes.

Persistent late payments and/or unpaid fees can jeopardize future participation in Connections’ classes.