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Study Hall Facilitator Responsibilities
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August 15 to the Start of Classes

Study hall facilitators become the primary contact person who helps families add to/drop from study halls.

  • Manage the Study Hall List
    • Your contact information will be posted on our website.
    • Refer families to the Study Hall Rules and explain how your hour works.
    • On Wednesdays, students can sign up for both types (Open and Quiet) for the same hour and float between them during the year.
    • Email all adds/drops to the Database Manager, who will send you a new study hall list.
    • Maintain confidentiality by shredding old lists.
  • Make a folder before classes start of the following:
    • Sign in sheet, from the Database Manager

Start of Classes to the End of Classes

It is your responsibility to keep an accurate attendance sheet in case of an emergency and provide a safe environment for students to congregate in between their classes.

  • On a Monthly Basis, Manage the Study Hall List
    • Email all adds/drops to the Database Manager.
    • Print new sign-in sheets; update the folder.
  • Be in the study hall you facilitate each week.  If you need to be gone, schedule another parent to be present.
  • For the protection of our children, you, and our organization, two adults must be in the study hall during the entire hour.  For that reason, we assign two facilitators to each hour.  You will be asked to submit a Voluntary Disclosure Statement for a Washington State Patrol background check. 
  • Take Attendance
    • Sit near the door so you can watch students arrive and YOU can sign them in.
    • Sign out students if they leave early and do not plan to return within the hour.  If they are leaving for a bathroom run or quick trip to the car they do not need to sign out.  These should not be group outings, and the student should return promptly.
    • If a student is staying in study hall for consecutive hours they need to be signed in for each hour.
  • The flavor of each study hall is different.  Talking and visiting are the norm in the open study hall, but the noise level should not drift down the hall to disrupt classes.
  • At the end of the hour, ask students to help pick up and inspect the floor for ALL trash.
  • In the event of an emergency, follow the directions on the green/yellow emergency cards.

To maintain a study hall where everyone using it can be happy and productive, it is important to remember every mix of people is a little different.  If you need any assistance, contact the Monday or Wednesday Facility Coordinator.

Last Updated: 3/30/2019

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