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Playroom Facilitator Responsibilities
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  • During registration and the summer, keep track of changes to your playroom hour.  As you add people, explain to them how the playroom works.  Inform the Coordinator of all changes.
  • Before classes start, line up dependable people to work for the first two weeks.  It is best to choose people that worked in playroom last year for these first two weeks.
  • Construct a rotation schedule.  (Due to constant changes, try not to schedule more than two months at a time.)  Phone numbers should be included on the schedule.  Our guideline is one parent for every six children.   Families with one or two children should rotate with the same frequency.  Families with three or more children should rotate a few more times but not exceed 1 ½ times more often.    Do not schedule yourself in the rotation, as you are the back-up person for any parent who does not show up for their shift.  Schedule that person for an additional shift to make up for the one missed.  Accommodate parent’s needs as best you can, but remember it is their responsibility to find someone to cover their shift if they cannot be there.
  • Give a copy of the rotation schedule to each parent, and put an extra copy in the sign-in book.  Check the extra copy weekly for any changes made by parents swapping days.
  • The day before class, make reminder calls to parents who will be working the next day.  Remind them of activity or snack (advise them about any food allergies) responsibilities.
  • You must be present every week during the sign-in and sign-out process.
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to the class start time.  Distribute nametags (provided) as children arrive.  The parent’s name and location must be listed on the sign-in sheet.  Give the parent a card to turn in when the child is picked up.
  • Remain in the playroom until it is evident all children have arrived and all those scheduled to work on the rotation are present.
  • Communicate with parents.  Introduce them to each other.  Give them a head count of the children for whom they are responsible.  Answer any questions, and make sure they know what they will be doing.
  • You are responsible for enforcing the rules.  If you have difficulty, ask the Coordinator or any board member for help.
  • After check-in and provided the required number of parents are in the room, you may leave until the end of the hour.  Be sure to let the other parents know your location.
  • Return to the playroom five minutes prior to the end of class, and remain until the facilitator for the next hour arrives and has that hour under control.
  • Collect nametags as children leave.  Children should be released only to a parent with the card that matches the child’s nametag.  Nametags should be left in the playroom, even if children are just leaving for lunch.
  • Anytime you are absent, let the Coordinator know so he/she can substitute for you.
  • The 9:00am facilitator should make sure supply boxes and nametags are out of the storage closet and set up; the 2:15pm facilitator should make sure supplies get put back.
  • Inform the Coordinator of changes to attendance.  (The Coordinator will contact the Board contact person.)
  • Discipline of children is the responsibility of the parent.  If a child does not respond to gentle reminders or a diversion, then get the child’s parent.

Please feel free to speak to the Coordinator or any board member if you have any questions regarding these responsibilities.  Remember your purpose is to facilitate the use of the playroom.  We are not trying to run a daycare.  The playroom is an instrument through which we can help each other by taking turns watching the little ones while their siblings are in class.  If a situation arises and you are not sure what to do, always go get the child’s parent.  Also, please consider that some children are in the playroom for several hours.  Have activities available, encourage them to join in, but don’t insist they participate.

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