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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do you meet?

A: We meet on Mondays and Wednesdays, September to May.  Your children do not have to attend classes for a full day; you may pick and choose which classes best fit your schedule and children’s needs.  See our Class Dates webpage for more information.

Q: Where do you meet?

A: We meet at two different facilities:  Northlake Christian Church on Mondays and Woodinville Alliance Church on Wednesdays.  See our Directions webpage  for more information.

Q: Can my family visit to see what Connections is like before registering?

A: Yes.  Your family may visit one time under the following conditions:  The parents and students stay together.  The facilitator has been contacted in advance.  The facilitator has secured the teacher's approval.  You agree to abide by our organizational rules while on campus.  You check in at the Welcome Table.

Q: Who can participate in Homeschool Connections?

A: Any family, who is homeschooling one or more of their own children, is invited to participate in Homeschool Connections. 

Q: May I drop my child off and run errands while class is in session?

A: Absolutely not!   Parents must remain on-site with their children.  If you are caught dropping off your children, you will jeopardize your participation in Homeschool Connections.

Q: Can my younger children observe my older children’s class?

A: No!  Only children who are enrolled in the class are permitted to be in the classroom.  We provide rooms for students and siblings who are not in classes but are on-site.  They should be registered for a study hall or the Monday playroom.  A Monday nursery is available for moms to nurse/feed/nap their infants.

Q: Can I bring a friend to visit?

A: No.  Connections’ classes are for registered students only.

Q: What do all the fees cover?

A: Registration fees are paid to Homeschool Connections annually for administration, insurance, and facility expenses. Tuition payments are paid to Homeschool Connections in four payments to cover teachers' fees for their expertise, preparation, and instruction.  Copy/supply fees are paid to teachers annually or semiannually for materials utilized by students during the course of the class.  Some classes require the outside purchase of textbooks, books, or other supplies detailed in the class description.  Late fees are paid to Homeschool Connections if tuition payments are not received on time.  Drop fees are paid to Homeschool Connections upon withdrawal from a class to help offset the loss of tuition for the remaining school year. 

Q: Do I have to do a job?

A: Yes, every family in Homeschool Connections has a job they perform while on-site.  See our Jobs webpage for more information.

Q: What are facilitators?

A: Facilitators perform administrative duties for a class.  They help add/drop students to/from classes, collect copy/supply fees, take attendance, and assist the teacher as necessary.

Q: What happens if it snows?

A: If there is snow in the greater Puget Sound area, check the Homeschool Connections’ website for information on whether classes are on time, running late, or canceled for the day.

Q: Is there an advantage to joining Homeschool Connections between January and March 1 in order to participate in re-enrollment?

A: Many families are under the misconception that there is a huge advantage in joining Homeschool Connections during the last part of the school year in order to participate in re-enrollment.  While it is true they will be able to participate in re-enrollment, families that join at such a late date are given the lowest level of priority for classes.  This low level of priority only matters on classes that have a waiting list.  If the new family is registering for a high demand class, they will be at the bottom of the waiting list.  It is worth noting this is the same position they would have if they had waited to register during the open registration period.

Q: What does the Registration Contract mean when it says that registration priority is affected by my seniority at Homeschool Connections?

A: When you register for classes next year, you will be in a registration batch after families who have been with Connections longer than a year.

Q: What is the difference between Homeschool Connections and H.O.M.E.?

A: Homeschool Connections offers enrichment classes to homeschoolers.  H.O.M.E. is a parent support group offering informative parent meetings, a monthly newsletter, children's activity days, teen activities, and a lively Yahoo group.  Other H.O.M.E. sponsored events include a graduation ceremony, annual SAT testing, and a formal end-of-year event for homeschooled high school students.  See their separate website H.O.M.E. for more information.

Q: If I paid for a H.O.M.E. membership, do I need to pay for Homeschool Connections too?

A: Yes.  H.O.M.E. is a separate organization from Homeschool Connections.

Q: If I have extenuating circumstances, must all the rules apply to me?

A: All our rules apply to everyone to help make Connections run smoothly.  Some are based on requirements from our church facilities or our insurance company, while others are based on past experiences.  Yes, they apply to everyone; however, occasionally we have a family or student who may need an exception to a rule.  If you feel you have extenuating circumstances and would like an exception to a rule, please email a board member explaining your situation.  All exceptions require a board vote.  We cannot always promise an exception will be granted, but we realize there are times when grace is needed.

General Homeschooling Questions

Q: What are the "required subjects" homeschoolers must teach according to state law?

A: The answer is in RCW 28A.225.010(4): instruction in the basic skills of occupational education, science, mathematics, language, social studies, history, health, reading, writing, spelling, and the development of an appreciation of art and music.

Q: Do I have to tell anyone I am homeschooling?

A: Yes, for children age 8 and older.  State law requires you to file a "declaration of intent" with your local school district by September 15, or within two weeks of the beginning of the quarter, semester, or trimester (RCW 28A.200.010(1)).  You can obtain a declaration of intent from your school district.

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