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Emergency Procedures

red puzzle Emergency Procedures:

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In the event of an emergency (fire, gas leak, etc.) that requires building evacuation, an “EVACUATE” text notification will be sent.  Ultimately, it is each individual’s responsibility to make sure they get to where they are supposed to be; to assure this happens in an orderly manner, the following procedures are to be followed during classes:

  • The teacher and facilitator (with the attendance sheet) will lead their class as a group through the nearest outside exit, to the coned off area in the parking lot staying away from emergency vehicles.  They will keep their class together as one group.
  • Any student not in class (i.e. in the restroom, etc.) will head to the meeting place and join up with their class.
  • Hall monitors for the hour should check the restrooms on their way out. 
  • All adults not in a class should head directly to the meeting place; do not search the building for your children before exiting.
  • Once at the meeting place, the facilitator will take attendance to see if anyone from the class is missing.  If someone is missing, the facilitator will let a board member know.
  • The board members will make sure each class is accounted for and will communicate with the facility supervisor to find out when we can re-enter the building or if we should disburse.
  • If we are to disburse, parents should check their students out through the facilitator for each class and then leave.  Facilitators should check each student off as they leave with their parent.  Facilitators should have a designated friend pick up their children and bring their children to them.

If an emergency occurs between classes or during lunch, go directly to your car.  After your parent or parent-in-charge has accounted for you, go to the coned off area of the parking lot out of the way of emergency vehicles.  Stay with your family.

In the event of an earthquake, everyone should DROP, COVER, & HOLD ON.  This means you should immediately drop under a sturdy desk or table, hold on, and protect your eyes by pressing your face against your arm.  If there is no table or desk nearby, sit on the floor against an interior wall away from windows, bookcases, or tall furniture that could fall on you.  It is important you stay away from any windows and remain in the room you are in until given further instructions.  If the earthquake is severe and you are eventually told to exit the building, follow the procedures above.

In the event of an emergency (active shooter, tornado, chemical hazard, etc.) that requires a building lockdown, a “SHELTER IN PLACE” text notification will be sent.  The facilitator or teacher will pull the door magnet or stopper to close the locked door or will take the students to a safe place.   Do not open the door until you receive a text notification, “ALL CLEAR.”  The teacher and facilitator are completely in charge.  Turn off the lights, close the blinds, cover the door window, sit together separate from the door and windows.  Each room is different so the teacher and facilitator should plan in advance the safest place for students to huddle together.  All adults not in a class should head directly to the closest unlocked classroom or safe place; do not search the building for your children. 

We may have unannounced emergency drills throughout the year.

Parents should train their children in appropriate emergency responses.

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