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Wednesday, 2:15 PM to 3:15 PM
Biology  Ends at 3:45
Teacher:  Cydney Adler
Age:  14 & up
Prerequisites:  General Science and Physical Science preferred but not required and the ability to read, write, and comprehend information at the 9th grade level
Cost:  $320 tuition per year, paid in four $80 payments;
$70 copy/supply fee per year, paid in one $70 payment
Cost Details:  Includes bound laboratory notebooks, dissection specimens, and lab supplies
Text:  Nest Learning and www.cbd,com seem to have lowest prices:
1) Exploring Creation with Biology, by Jay Wile, 2nd edition (do not get the 1st edition), ISBN: 1932012575
2) Tests and Solutions Guide is optional
Description: This course emphasizes God's creative design that is so evident in living things.  We will study the science of biology and the classification of living things.  In separate modules we will learn about chemistry, cells, cellular reproduction, genetics, ecosystems, and creation vs. evolution.  The five major kingdoms are studied individually with one module each for Monera, Protista, and Fungi, four modules devoted to animals and one to plants.  There are many hands-on experiments which will include the use of microscopes and dissections of prepared specimens.  This is an intensive study which will prepare students for college level classes.  Students will be expected to read 20-25 pages of text, complete study guides, tests, and lab notebook entries for each module (chapter).  Two weeks will be allotted to each module.  This class fulfills the requirement for a high school lab science.
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