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Class Description
Wednesday, 2:15 PM to 3:15 PM
Integrated History: Early Modern Era  
Teacher:  Kari Renkema
Age:  11 - 14
Prerequisites:  Ability to read (or listen to) and comprehend the required books.
Cost:  $240 tuition per year, paid in four $60 payments;
$35 copy/supply fee per year,  paid in one $35 payment
Cost Details:  Includes notebook, maps, worksheets, and some craft materials.
Text:  1) Story of the World: History for the Classical Child: Volume 3, Early Modern Times, by Susan Wise Bauer
2) Volume 3 tests, Early Modern Times
3) I, Juan de Pareja, by Trevino
4) The World of William Penn, by Genevieve Foster
5) Johnny Tremain, by Esther Forbes
6) Indian Captive, by Lois Lenski
Description: Revolution!  This word describes the profound changes which characterize the Early Modern era, beginning with the Copernican Revolution and ending after the Napoleonic invasions.  History is so much more than just names, dates, and places - it is about the flow of ideas.  This class explores history by integrating the study of people and places with ideas in art, science, music, and even math and philosophy!  Be prepared for great discussions in class and fun, hands-on activities to reinforce the material.  So much more will be covered in class than is in the texts.  The teacher uses a Powerpoint program nearly every week for visual interest and learning.  Every week, there will be readings and worksheets, with occasional map work, timelines, and art projects to keep the work varied and interesting.  Parents are responsible for checking the weekly readings and worksheets.  Class participation is encouraged.  The teacher is flexible and very comfortable working with special learning requirements.  Among the personalities we will meet are Oliver Cromwell, the “Lord Protector of England;” Sir Isaac Newton; Louis XIV of France (the “Sun King”); Rene des Cartes; Hideyoshi of Japan; the "Greats" of Russia - Peter and Catherine; the unwise George III of England; the ill-fated Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette; and Napoleon. Learning is fun!  Come join us!
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