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Wednesday, 1:05 PM to 2:05 PM
Interpretive Literature: Short Stories  
Teacher:  Emily Lorelli
Age:  14 & up
Prerequisites:  Completion of a previous writing course (e.g. Writing Club 1 or 2, Intro Essay, Essay Writing, Research Report, Shakespeare, Hero's Journey, or Writer's Workshop) is highly encouraged.
Cost:  $280 tuition per year, paid in four $70 payments;
$50 copy/supply fee per year, paid in one $50 payment
Cost Details:  Includes stories
Description: Reading, discussing, and interpreting wonderful literature is one of life’s joys.  Finding the time to read, discuss, and interpret full novels, when we only meet once a week, is difficult.  However, there are many tremendous short stories to be found – many written by authors whose names we recognize: Hemingway, Twain, Dickens.  In this class, we will focus our interpretive efforts on great short stories.  We will study short story as a particular genre but will employ the same interpretive reading and writing skills used when reading full novels.  By focusing on short stories, we will have the opportunity to read them more than once, to delve deeper in our discussions, and to build our interpretive writing skills.  Since this class fulfills a full English credit, students can expect to have 3-4 hours of homework each week.
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