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Wednesday, 1:05 PM to 2:05 PM
Works of C. S. Lewis  
Teacher:  Alex Binz
Age:  14 & up
Prerequisites:  Students should be able to read and write at a high school level.
Cost:  $240 tuition per year, paid in four $60 payments;
$40 copy/supply fee per year, paid in one $40 payment
Cost Details:  Includes copies of other short works by Lewis, including his Inaugural Lecture at Cambridge and his sermon 'The Weight of Glory'
Text:  1) The Chronicles of Narnia, ISBN: 0066238500
2) Mere Christianity, ISBN: 0060652926
3) The Abolition of Man, ISBN: 0060652944
4) The Discarded Image, ISBN: 0521734320
5) The Great Divorce, ISBN: 0060652950
6) Perelandra, ISBN: 074323491X
Description: C.S. Lewis was an academic at heart, a professor who felt entirely at home writing massive volumes on medieval literature.  (One such work runs to 700 pages!)  Yet Lewis is also one of the most widely-read authors of the 20th century, universally beloved by modern readers.  This class covers C.S. Lewis the paradox: easy to read, infinitely profound, author of children's literature, scholar of the Middle Ages, defender of the Christian faith.  Over the year, we will examine a broad array of Lewis's works from each genre, to learn how they all intersect.  Students will read a number of his works, roughly one per month, engage with those texts in creative projects, and critically examine his arguments and insights through essay writing.  Homework should take around 3 hours per week.  This class is equivalent to one high school credit of English.
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