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Wednesday, 11:20 AM to 12:20 PM
Forensic Science  
Teacher:  Cydney Adler
Age:  15 & up
Prerequisites:  Must have successfully completed (grade of C or higher) at least one high school level science class such as Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, or Anatomy
Cost:  $320 tuition per year, paid in four $80 payments;
$65 copy/supply fee per year, paid in one $65 payment
Cost Details:  Includes bound lab notebooks and lab supplies
Text:  New text is pricey but many used copies available.  Text also comes in e versions, rental, and downloadable.  Any version is fine as long as it is the 2nd edition:
Forensic Science: Fundamentals & Investigations, by Anthony J. Bertino, Publisher: Cengage Learning, 2nd edition,   ISBN: 9781305077119
Description: CSI – Connections Forensic Science or “forensics” is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions of interest to the legal system.  Learn and use concepts from biology, chemistry, physics, history, and political science to analyze and evaluate evidence.  Learn techniques for evidence collection and wrap your mind around deductive reasoning puzzles.  Many hands-on activities and intriguing case studies make this an interesting and entertaining class.  Class time will include lecture, labs, videos, and tests.  Students will read ~ 20 pages per week, answer review questions, and maintain a laboratory notebook.  Homework will be 2-3 hours per week.  This class fulfills the requirement for a high school lab science.
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