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Class Description
Wednesday, 11:20 AM to 12:20 PM
Attracted to Electricity & Magnetism  
Teacher:  Edward Morin
Age:  11 - 14
Prerequisites:  5th grade math/reading skills.
Cost:  $296 tuition per year, paid in four $74 payments;
$75 copy/supply fee per year,  paid in one $75 payment
Cost Details:  Includes bulk-purchased electronic components and other materials for classroom projects and activities.
Text:  Safe and Simple Electrical Experiments by Rudolf Graf [OPTIONAL; great for working with your student at home]
Description: In 600 BC a Greek Scientist discovered static electricity.  Over the subsequent millennia, many scientists and inventors devised experiments and made additional discoveries that added to our understanding of this curious phenomenon.  With the breakthrough discovery of the battery in 1800 by Allesandro Volta and subsequent discovery in 1820 by Hans Christian Oersted that an electric current creates a magnetic field, the stage was set for a myriad of discoveries and innovation that all contributed to the benefits of electricity and electromagnetism we enjoy today. This class covers the subjects from the first part of the popular Turning On to Electronics class offered last year on a more-relaxed schedule.  Over the course of the year, students will conduct dozens of experiments selected from the classic, richly illustrated book Safe and Simple Electrical Experiments by Rudolf Graf as well as a few additional popular projects from last year.  These hands-on activities enable students to explore and experience the basic principles of electric charge, electricity, and electromagnetism using clever yet simple experiments. Significant discoveries and inventions, and the scientists and inventors behind them, will be highlighted along the way.  The book includes other projects that we will not be doing in class which require additional components if your student wishes to try them at home.  Students that wish to do these extracurricular projects on their own (or with a parent) can easily obtain these additional materials from a variety of sources (even Amazon.com!).  Students will need to be able to focus, be engaged, and be willing to follow instructions (verbal and written).  Good fine-motor skills are also important for this class. 
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