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Monday, 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Open Study Hall  
Teacher:  No Teacher
Age:  6 & up
Description: This is the only study hall available on Mondays.  If a student is not enrolled in a class, they need to be in this room, in the playroom, or in their car with their parent.  This study hall can only be used during or between your family’s classes.  It can NOT be used before your family's first class or after your family's last class.  Study hall students ages six and seven must have an adult, who is directly responsible for them, in the room with them at all times.  If the playroom is closed, the age limit is lifted and adult supervision is required for ages seven and under.  This room does not provide an atmosphere for quiet studying but for visiting, games, or group activities.  Behavior and volume should reflect an appropriate indoor level, honoring both parents and fellow students.  Food and beverages are allowed.  Quiet studying is available at the “Quiet Study Tables” directly outside the study hall room or may be done in your car with parental supervision.  Students at the quiet study tables must be signed into the study hall.
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